Monday, July 30, 2012


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What is your secret ?

Good Day to you my friend. I would like to talk about discounts. So who doesn't like discounts or reduced prices? Summer time and time for vacation. Where are you going to go this summer? Europe, USA, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada?
No matter where you are going to, you may find discounts on a lot of things.
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Megan Fox in Armani Lingerie. 
Today I want to talk about SELF Analysis.
Do You really know Yourself? What type of Lingerie you wear today? Do You always follow someone advice or opinion? Hey my dear I think this thong will cute on you, try it on. And this Bra is looking amazing on you and so on.... And most likely You will agree with that person, cause even thought, such as: " She probably sees better then I, cause I am critical for myself or think that it is not for me, or even lingerie for somebody else, and i prefer wear something simple... and so on and on.
So  the SELF Analysis will describe You from exact Your view point not somebody's else.
The barriers of life are really just shadows. learn to know Yourself, not just a shadow yourself.
That's whole point: The Adventures are boring if they do not suddenly appear a little thrill. And they did not take long to wait, sometimes their will even be too much.
And when you get to the finish line, you'll know a lot about yourself.
When You go to the store and see a lot of different types of underwear would you follow Fashion,   would you follow salesman advice, maybe you follow for discount price, maybe you follow your boyfriend opinion or you follow YOUR reality and ignore whatever people say to you?
Let see.  This is what I want to say: "Truth for You is Truth for you and this is Your stable datum, and this how you should operate" If someone has a purpose to sell something to you and you don't  know that this is a Sales Technic, so most likely you will  buy it  and later on you realize that you absolutely don't need it, and then you asking yourself why I bought it? I don't really like it and some other questions. So my dear fellows you may listen somebody's advice and opinion, but decision should go separate and do not follow that somebody's thoughts and considerations because it their stable datum and it is their truth with their reality. You are an Individual with absolutely different type of emotions, reaction, and Yes, You have Your own Personality, so please follow You as a Best friend and the Best leader for Yourself and don't forget that you are the Authority!

Let's take a look on new amazing lingerie sets and one thing what I want to tell you: " Find out Yourself..."


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Black Teddy

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